Frequently Asked Questions

What is Garnet Health?
Garnet Health is the corporate parent and the new name of the Greater Hudson Valley Health System.

Have the hospitals and medical groups changed names?
Yes, the names changed, but locations, phone numbers and services remain the same.

• Orange Regional Medical Center has been renamed Garnet Health Medical Center.
• Catskill Regional Medical Center and Grover M. Hermann Hospital have been renamed Garnet Health Medical Center - Catskills.
• Orange Regional Medical Group and Catskill Regional Medical Group have been renamed Garnet Health Doctors.
• Greater Hudson Valley Urgent Care has been renamed Garnet Health Urgent Care.
• Orange Regional Medical Center Foundation has been renamed 
Garnet Health Foundation.
• And Catskill Regional Medical Center Foundation has been renamed 
Garnet Health Foundation - Catskills.

When did the name change happen?
We officially changed the names of our hospitals and medical group on June 18, 2020.

Why was Garnet Health chosen?
We rebranded our organization to more easily and memorably communicate that we are a united group committed to delivering exceptional health. The garnet is also New York State’s gemstone and represents brilliance, quality, clarity and healing.

Was the Greater Hudson Valley Health System purchased by or merged with another organization?
No. We are still the same independently-run not-for-profit healthcare organization with the same management and voluntary board of directors comprised of community members.

What does this name change mean for me?
You can more easily identify our hospitals and medical group because they all have Garnet Health in their new name.

Are my doctors still the same?
Yes, our medical group and the services they provide are here and continue to grow. We will add more specialists and new services over time.

What makes Garnet Health different?
Garnet Health continues to deliver medical excellence combined with an unmatched commitment to ensuring the best patient experience possible without requiring long distance travel.
 We are striving to elevate standards and seamlessness to make your patient experience the best it can be. Our hospitals and medical group are all working together to coordinate care and facilitate information to you and each other on the same electronic health record system. This helps improve communication and your overall experience when you turn to us for care.

Will Garnet Health provide the same compassionate care we’re familiar with?
We go above and beyond to elevate care – every day, for every patient. Being exceptional is so much a part of our culture. When you’re at a Garnet Health facility, we want to create a feeling that is comfortable and natural, yet an experience that is extraordinary and exceptional – every single day.

Do I have to go somewhere else for my previously scheduled appointments?
Our locations, though they have new names, are still in the same place and have not changed addresses.

Did this affect my health records?
Your medical records were not impacted by the name change. You can continue to access your medical records with your computer or mobile device through MyChart, a secure, confidential, web-based electronic health record system. MyChart, which is free, also lets you communicate with your doctor, access test results, request prescription refills, and manage your appointments.

Did any of the specialty centers or services change at the hospital?
No, our specialty centers and services did not change because of the name change. These advanced centers of high-quality care, such as our New York State Department of Health designated stroke center, NICU, Cancer Center, Heart Center, Adult Trauma Center, Joint Replacement Center, and others, continue to provide high-level, expert medical care.

Is Garnet Health Medical Center still a teaching hospital?
Yes, our hospitals still have an academic affiliation with Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine and continue to provide graduate medical education through six residency programs.

Are there new signs at Garnet Health locations?
As we are able, exterior signs are being replaced to reflect the new Garnet Health naming as appropriate. Signage replacement is dependent on the status of the COVID-19 pandemic.

How long will it take to change the name of all of the Garnet Health hospitals and medical group?
June 18, 2020 marked the official launch of the new Garnet Health name. Some things changed right away, and others may be slightly delayed due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our vendors who produce materials such as signage, etc. As a patient, you may notice emails, appointment reminders, letters or bills coming to you with the new Garnet Health name. We thank you for your patience and support as we transition to our new brand name.